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It is art !

It is more than a "game" !

It’s not fun

It’s unfortunate to say that I regret buying this game. I’m usually open-minded in trying out games from different genre, but this one just doesn’t click with me. If I have to sum up my experience, I’d say it’s not fun. Beyond the switching from black and white mechanic, there isn’t much to do. You move around, switching and grabbing collectibles as you go, until you reach the level’s end goal. That’s it, there’s nothing more to it. There’s no excitement, no real challenge except for the occasional collectibles that can be in hard to reach places. Honestly, it felt more like a chore. While I’ve only beaten 6 out of 10 stages, I think it’s safe to assume that’s the case for the rest of the levels. I can’t deny that there is A LOT of artistic visuals going on in the background, but having something nice to look at isn’t enough to make a game fun. Concerning the soundtrack, I was mostly indifferent to the music. A few of them were above average at times. Don’t get me wrong, nothing about the game's description was deceiving; the game is really meant to be a mesmerizing one. I guess the developers intended to create something that’s meant to be mindlessly played. My problem is I went in expecting something more and ended up disappointed. For what it is, it’s just not meant for me.

Really great! Platformer puzzler simple and addictive.

I love the silhouette look to the game and the controls are awesome. If I had to compare it to something idk what it would be maybe fractured souls mixed with monument valley it’s a really immersive game it sort of draws you in. It grasps modern art and gaming its one of a instant classics. I suggest everyone buy this game. With so many other touch failures out there this isn’t one of them. I would like to thank the developers and request them to make more software Sincerely....M.A.P.


It took me a bit to figure out the objective, but once I did I fell in love with this game. I just wish it was longer, I finished in about 24 hours. P.s. Bonus Legolas

Perfect balance!

What an incredible balance of graphics, physics, complexity and difficulty! Rides the edge of the blade along all axis and is a joy to play. It’s just.....right. Well done! Now... go build something completely different yet the same!


Ovivo is very special. It’s one of those gems that pop up on the App Store all too infrequently. Unique in its gameplay whereby the player switches from black to white to move the little sphere, Ovo, to solve puzzles. Ovivo is artsy without being pretentious and its very artistic nature is breathtaking! What a delightful game with its attention to detail and the very smooth gameplay. I hope to see much more of this type of minimalist puzzle/platformer from this developer. Very unique and such a joy to play!

The name says it all.

Truly a simple and beautiful game. I love the graphics and how the game engages you to continue playing.


This game is an artistic masterpiece with many cultural Easter eggs, such as the hands of Adam and God intertwining. I recommend this game for anyone who wants a fun adventure and truly appreciates art. I also enjoyed how it mixed the thrill of a platform with the intensity of a puzzler and finishes with a minimalist design in the most beautiful manner possible.

Fun and interesting

I'm loving this game. It's visually interesting and unusual gameplay for being such a simple concept.

Unique artistic platformer

I play a ton of puzzle and platform er games and every once in a while one stands out. OVIVO is one of those games. It’s minimalistic but the game does that well so you that the minimalism makes the game more engaging. No ads, nothing but a cool experience, and it gets challenging too. I’ve only used the joystick control so far but it also offers tilt and button controls. Give it a try if you like interesting platformers, it will feel new and fresh.



Perfect meditative platformer

This game is beautiful, I love the minimalistic design and the music. There is no text anywhere in the game and art comes into the being everything from the interface to the landscape.

One of the most imaginative games I have played!

Its art is beautiful its game play is amazing get this game!

More please!

Awesome game. Immersive and unique. I only hope they release a continuation. Ovivo II, III, IV? Just great.


The GUI is really confusing, there are zero anaimtions that sgow you what's going on. It doesn't save your game data. At all. Resets controlls to the useless touch option that makes thegame impossible go play every level Also juat a really boring badly planned game. I would have expected a prosedurally generated mode, but nope, programmers to stupid and cheap to do that, instead the game just puts you in a level with no explanation.


A game of pure art

Best platformer ever!

This game is awesome! Very simple basic mechanics and controls combined with tons of interesting in-game objects and map features. You’ll never get bored. Plus graphics is gorgeous!

I Get It

Unfortunately i just don’t care enough to harness the mechanics to make the little ball rock and roll. Should be a free game. Not worth any price.

Awesome game!

Folks, the game is pretty cool! It’s not the usual iphone game, which forces you to play hours and hours and waste all your money. This one, in the other hand, is short, but swift and fresh. It doesn’t take, but gives. Play with headphones on!!


Much better than I anticipated Beautiful and fun to play

Immerse in a flow

Quite an unusual game, fantastic visual design! It feels like half a post modern art installation and half a puzzle-platformer. Although the core gameplay mechanic is very simple(you switch between two colors) they've managed to build surprisingly rich set of different gameplay elements with it. Art design is definitely something. The amount of hidden references and allusions is just mind blowing and I definitely haven't spotted all of them. Special praise for the soundtrack, it goes perfectly with both the general feel of the game and specifics of each level. There are definitely a few rough edges like uneven difficulty of levels: some places just felt unproportionally hard even to the point of frustration and my fingers started to hurt quite a bit(although I'm not very good with platformers tbh). I really liked the way it played at the beginning when everything was easy and playing it felt like going through a smooth flow especially with the kind of music they have there - this soft and chill electronics. Really liked it.. until I started dying 10 times in a row. lol. Buut at the end it worth it. And I felt like the duration is perfect: takes slightly more that 2 hours to finish. Enough to be a complete experience and not too long to get bored. Overall definitely highly recommend to try it out.

Beautiful design

Love the idea of a B&W game that plays with scale. Gives multiple options for control which is nice.

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